Product Review: iSatori Lipo Drex

What Is It: This is the first fat burner in a very long time that is more than just caffeine + metabolism boosters. iSatori used clinically proven ingredients plus caffeine + metabolism boosters…but what makes it different? They use an ingredient called CG3 MAX that is a nutrition partitioner. What they heck is that? We got you -> This is an ingredient that will tell your body not to store carbs found in your diet and use them for muscle repair. If they do not get guessed it...they get thrown away and never stored. This will result in burning fat more efficiently and result in hardening your muscles. Your muscles will hold less water and appear more firm. You will just look better naked on this stuff.

Why is this stuff great: It’s different and different with backed science. The product has been around for a year and is one of the sites best performing fat burners. People are using it and re-buying it because they like the results. This transformation product will have your “after” picture looking sexier than ever.

Real Science:

isatori lipo drex

Bro Science: It will give you energy, focus, and help you burn weight faster. To lose weight, you have to eat clean and minimize your carbs. This product doesn’t let the carbs in your diet slow down the weight loss process and when you are done using Lipo-Drex, your muscles will look hard and firm.

The Good: The formula is almost like a study pill with its energy and focus complex. Then it also is a great fat burner with its clinically proven ingredients. On top of that, the use of "C3G MAX" will keep your muscles protected when cutting.

The Bad: At 45 capsules, this is not enough for a month’s supply for someone who can handle 2 servings a day. Good thing this formula is intense and most people don’t need two pills.

Rating:  8.2/10

Campus Protein Customer Review: 

Campus Protein iSatori Lipo Drex

Check out the product HERE - iSatori Lipo-Drex

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