New BANG Energy Flavor: Frose Rose Bang

They are doing it again - VPx BANG is teasing a brand new BANG Energy Flavor and we all have no idea what it could be! Jack, we NEED to know! Last we got was a Bangster Berry and before that, it was a Unicorn Rainbow (whatever that is). Now it is time to put on our detective hats.

Here are our clues:

VPx Bang Energy Frose Rose

This is the most recent picture on the BANG ENERGY Instagram and it is all the clues we need. NOT - give us something BANG!.

By the looks of it, I see pink and purple so I am immediately going straight to popular candies. This industry likes to copy each other but Jack and BANG are not like that. I came across one famous candy with two flavors mixed together and they are both PINK and PURPLE:

VPx Bang Energy Frose Rose 

I think that is one hell of a guess if you ask me.

Also based on this image/video, it is two words like Rainbow Unicorn and Bangster Berry so it can’t just be Nerds flavor.

VPx Bang Energy Drink Frose Rose

I also found an image of the case and there are no other hints there! You did well BANG on this one!

BANG Energy Frose Rose VPx

We cannot wait for the launch on Monday, February 18th!

Pre Order it here first:


2/14 Flavor Released:Frosè Rosè BANG Energy VPX 

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