MuscleSport Drops New Dunkaroo-Like Protein: DippsADoodle Lean Whey

MuscleSport has done it again with their newest Lean Whey protein flavor: DippsADoodle. This flavor brings back all the feels and nostalgia with the rebirth of a classic favorite, Dunkaroos cookies. Introducing the frosting dipped cookie that you know and love in a protein powder you can trust. Once you taste it, you won’t believe that the actual cookies weren’t somehow snuck in there. The 90s-style color scheme and branding sets the stage for this new flavor that’s set to be a new fan-favorite. To all of our protein lovers with a sweet-tooth, this flavor’s for you! 

So what’s special about MuscleSport’s Lean Whey?

MuscleSport’s Lean Whey protein powder has dominated the protein scene ever since their launch of the original Lucky Charms cereal product “Lean Charms," so what’s the secret? The Lean Whey formula is packed with extra ingredients to help metabolize fat while at the same time building muscle, a double whammy! MuscleSport’s Lean Whey has set itself apart with unique, delicious flavors, and packs a punch with 25g of protein per serving. It’s made with high-quality whey protein isolate and peptides, and formulated for quick digestion and absorption, minus the bloat. 

As if it could get any better, the Lean Whey formula just leveled up! MuscleSport improved their formula so that you get even more bang for your buck in every scoop. The new Lean Muscle formula includes 3 power ingredients: L-Carnitine Tartrate, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), and CLA. 

New Lean Muscle formula:

    • L-Carnitine Tartrate - helps break down body fats 
    • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) - helps your body more efficiently utilize and dispose of body fat
  • CLA - activates mechanisms to thermogenesis and fat oxidation, and aids muscle development 

  • If you’re looking for a protein powder to bring you back in time, MuscleSport’s newest flavor DippsADoodle is for you! It’s sure to give you all the feels with this new take on the classic favorite Dunkaroos cookies, while meeting all of your protein needs with 25g of protein per serving. DippsADoodle is sure to satisfy even the biggest sweet-tooth, full of flavor in each scoop. Your protein doesn’t have to just do the job, it can actually taste good too. It’s time to level up your protein game, so what are you waiting for? 

    Shop DippsADoodle Lean Whey Protein here.

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