Importance of Sleep and Muscle Recovery Soreness

You have been hitting the gym. It is obvious and you look great but how do you feel? Sore, am I right? Campus Protein sells all sorts of Supplements that aid in muscle recovery but this article will talk about how sleep alleviates soreness. 

Muscle Recovery Foods

Did you know you burn more calories sleeping in REM than working out? That is how important sleep is for recovery. When you go into REM sleep, your body goes to work fixing any issues including muscle soreness or recovery. 


By maintaining short term recovery, your “freshness” gets affected positively allowing you to perform your best in the gym. If you recover faster, you can get back to working those muscles harder and harder each time. 

  • Slower Muscle Recovery
  • Changes in Mood
  • Increase Stress and Cortisol
  • Decrease glycogen synthesis
  • Increased ratings of perceived exertion.

Other Areas to Improve Muscle Soreness:

Drink Casein Protein Shakes - casein is the slowest digesting protein that takes about 8 hours to digest. Works perfectly for right before bed when you will be in REM sleep soon. 

Drink Amino Acids - essential aminos allow your body to use their nutrients to build muscle which will cut down soreness

*author takes a break to sip their aminos.

Overall, Sleep is vital to everything and your health. Take this seriously and you will see serious results. 

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