How to tell if your Pre Workout is Premium

Looking for a pre-workout? It gets hard trying to find the best pre-workout that is best for you personally and the best quality to ensure you get the best results. This article will explain how to spot the premium pre-workouts.

For those who do not know, pre-workout are supplements that enhance your workout to a level you did not know was possible. Pre Workout will make you lift more weight, last longer during your exercise, recover faster, burn more calories, and make you better overall. If you are asking yourself why you are not taking pre-workout, we get it! That's why you can find the best ones here at Campus Protein. 


This is super important because brands succeed long term in this industry when they make solid high quality products. They identify themselves as a "protein company" or "pre workout company" or most relevant, "premium." 

The most premium brand we carry is Kaged Muscle and everything they make is top notch in regards to science and their formulas. Their pre-workout is called Pre Kaged: 

Kaged Muscle Pre Kaged Premium Pre Workout

Then there is the most famous pre-workout company Cellucor that is the #1 with their C4 Original Pre Workout. A few years back, the market demanded a higher quality and then they came out with C4 ULTIMATE

Cellucor Premium Pre Workout C4 Ultimate


This one is tough but when you see a lot, that does not mean its better. You will have to trust us but the words "clinical dosages" is not the only thing to making a pre-workout insane. We even will shout out some of our favorite formulas not on the site due to their PREMIUM formulas. 

Here is a famous pre-workout from Pro Supps (a brand known for their pre-workout) where they went above and beyond to make a top-notch formula. They added 4 patented ingredients which means proven and high quality. This is called Mr. Hyde Icon Pre Workout: 

Pro Supps Mr Hyde ICON Pre Workout Supplement

We are big fans of the Ghost Legend but this new pre-workout that came on the scene is also gaining a lot of respect. From a brand called BEAM which stands for everything we believe in here. We hope to one day carry this line along with Ghost. 

BEAM Pre Workout Supplement

Then there is the "kitchen sink" formula from Musclesport called Rhino Black Series Limited Edition Forbidden Fruit or Kings Ransom. This is arguably the best formula on our site and on the planet. 

Musclesport Rhino Black Series Limited Edition Pre Workout Kings Ransom Forbidden Fruit



We are so proud of our customers because they go out of their way to let us know what they think of our products. This is to help us but even more to help you! All you have to do is click "reviews" and we will break down flavor and overall ratings of every single product on the site. We even will let you know if the person reviewing the product has ACTUALLY bought the item.

BEAM Pre Workout Premium Supplement



I hate that this is included to the metrics here but if we are selling something at Campus Protein at a high value, we are making it as affordable as possible. Sometimes these formulas are really expensive and that causes a high price point. The brand that comes to mind here is a BUCKEDUP but their sales justify it since they are one of our top brands. 

Buckedup premium pre workout supplement


I mean does this even count if your pre-workout doesn't say "premium" on the bottle? That's why we had to put it on our Pre Workout FUEL

Campus Protein Fuel Premium Pre Workout




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