How Many Calories Do You Burn During Sex

Ever thought to yourself, “what sexual positions burn the most calories?”

Ever use sex as an excuse to eat more calories and call it “exercise?”

Okay, some of us have messed up minds and look at the functionality of Sex, sue us! 

Regardless, let's dive in deep and figure out how much truth is in the art of sexual exercise.

Missionary Position

Let's start with everyone's go-to...Missionary Position. The muscles doing all the work here are your hips, core, shoulders, chest back, and arms. This is obviously for the person on top because there is not much we can do on the bottom unless we work in some pelvic thrusts. Adding in all the work you are putting in, one will burn about 60 calories per 30 minutes in this position. (how many are currently thinking about lasting for 30 minutes?)

Burn more Calories during Sex

Doggy Style

Now we can roll over to this next position and go over Doggy Style. The muscles used in this position are the quads, hamstring, core, arms, and shoulders.

People really need to get that core stamina because it's looking like the common ground muscle group being used.

Also, it should be stated that this is Doggy on your knees, not standing which would burn even more calories. The average Joe or Jane will burn close to 90 calories when going at an average speed. But people lets strive for better than average people...and blow past those 100 calories.

Health Benefits of Sex: Calories Burned


This one is for the ladies because just like missionary for the boys, you are on top! The muscles being used here are the legs (hammies and quads), glutes, and of course, your core. Unfortunately, it's not the hardest position so the number of calories does not compare to the positions above. The average person burns about 60 calories per 30 minutes with cowgirl. The guy on the bottom burns 0 calories but we could help out and give the cowgirl a rest to burn some extra calories.

How many Calories burned during sex

Pro (calorie burning) tip: have the cowgirl squat on top of her partner and add a little more hip up and down movement to get the heart rate up. This could double the number of calories burned during this position.

How many Calories are Burned during Sex

Overall, sex is awesome, but have you ever thought to yourself, I can now eat another cheeseburger from all the calories I just burned?

No? Well regardless now you can, and you are welcome!



Check out this sex calculator to figure out exactly how calories you and your partner are burning:

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