Honest Review: Maxx Chewning Actual Candy Sour Strips

What Is It: It is 2020 and we live in a time where influencers are making a difference. There are those thirst traps that provide a "certain" type of content and then there are incredible content creators such as Maxx Chewning. He's a Youtube start and now an entrepreneur. This is his candy company called Actual Candy and his first product Sour Strips.

Actual Candy by Maxx Chewning Sour Strips

Why This Stuff is Great: Maxx has always been a huge fan of candy but once he realized he could make a better version, he actually did it...with ACTUAL CANDY. This stuff is great because it's ACTUALLY sour. I legit didn't believe him until I tasted it and legit every time I pucker. Also, the flavors are so good! 

Bro Science: We aren't kiddos anymore but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy actual candy. Real candy that tastes amazing, cool story, and very sour. 

Real Science: I don't think there is science here other than adding extra sour "stuff" to make them legit sour. 

The Good: The flavors are on point, the experience is solid, and they are not all sugar (bad for you).

The Bad: You pay for the fact that this company is young and they do not have low costs on making the product. Also, you are supporting an entrepreneur vs. the MASSIVE candy companies. 

The Rating: 9.1/10

The Flavors:

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