Honest Product Review: VPx Liquid Clenbutrx

What Is It:  Want the most badass fat burning weight loss supplement on the market? Don’t want pills? Well, boy, do we have the product for you! Introducing VPx Sports Liquid Clenbutrx. Back in the day, CLEN was a known illegal fat burning supplement that hardcore bodybuilders use. You can use our friend Google to learn all about that. This Liquid Clebutrx is a safe completely legal fat burner that uses the Clen name as a parody. The name might be a joke but the results are dead serious.

Why This Stuff is Great: The effectiveness of Liquid Clenbutrx plus the fact that it is not in pill form makes it better than great. As Tony, the tiger would say, “Clen is Grrrrreat.”

VPx Liquid Clenbutrx

Bro Science: This is the best, most customizable effective fat burner on our site. Who wouldn’t want to take fat burning shots in the morning to start your day?

Real Science: Packed with 250mg of caffeine per shot, Liquid Clen will wake anyone's ass up. Then the formula will go to work to help speed up your metabolism and burn those extra calories. Be careful because this formula is so good, it might make you sweat. This will be because of the Yohimbe and Synephrine as well as the Theobromine. You will experience a ton of energy, focus, maybe a little sweating, and fat loss over 2 months of using this product. The best part...actually, I will just post that in the next section.

The Good: The formula is badass and the best part is that this bad boy is liquid meaning you can customize it however you please. Can’t handle the full serving, take half and get double the servings.

The Bad: It might be too intense for some people but if you read above, just take have the serving size and boom, you are saving dat money.

vpx liquid clenbutrx

The Rating:8.7 /10

VPx Liquid Clebutrx

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The Formula:

VPx Liquid Clenbutrx

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