Honest Product Review: The Munchies Stack

What Is It: I love all the healthy snacks we sell on Campus Protein but just like anything, too much of something can get old. I always felt this when ordering 12 bars of something...honestly, 12 of anything can get old pretty quick. That is where the Munchie Stack comes into play. I wish it was my idea so I can call myself a genius but I cannot. 

Campus Protein Munchie Stack

The Munchie Stack is 6 of the best selling healthy snacks in a particular flavor so you can try something new each day. The first ever Munchie Stack was in the Birthday Cake flavor and sold out in a week. It included the ONE Bar, Quest Bar, Buff Bake Cookie, SinFit Cookie, and Optimum Nutrition Cake Bites. On top of that, the introductory Munchie Stack comes with 7 Celsius On the Go Packets. Thanks to our friends at these brands, this $16 value is close to 20% off! 

Why This Stuff is Great:  The Munchie stack is a tremendous value and you get to try a new product every day. On top of the value and variety, you get a bonus gift with every purchase while supplies last.

Campus Protein Supplements

The Good: So much variety and 0 boredom! 

The Bad:  You only get one of each when you really want more. 

The Rating: 9.7/10 - we came up with the idea so we will skew the numbers...sorry we are not sorry

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