Honest Product Review: Scivation Xtend Perfect 10 Aminos

What is it: Xtend is the best selling amino acid supplement on the market and has been since they revolutionized the industry with Xtend BCAAs. BCAAs are branch chain amino acids that aid in muscle recovery and building muscle. In the past few years, more data has come to the surface saying that Essential Amino Acids are more effective than just BCAAs alone. The thing here is that BCAAs are part of the 9 Essential Amino Acids so this product is just more aminos for full-spectrum protection. 

Xtend Perfect 10 Essential Amino Acid EAA SupplementXtend BCAA Perfect 10 Amino Acid Supplement

Why it is great: Xtend is the best and now they have an Essential Amino Acid product, Perfect 10. This makes the purchase decision for an amino that much easier. Always choose the best. 

Bro Science: This is the better version of Xtend BCAAs and will be more effective at helping you with the gains. 

Xtend Perfect 10 New Amino Supplement

Real Science: Xtend Perfect 10 is a combination of aminos, and a blend of electrolytes to support hydration. As per the title, the supplement features ten different aminos at 10g in each two-scoop serving with 1.356g of that arginine, and the remaining 8.644g made up of all nine EAAs for muscle recovery.


The Good: The trust is built into the simple formula. You know you are getting the best Essential Amino Acid product possible when you buy this product. 

The Bad: This is a new product so you do not get the same amazing flavors as the Original Xtend. The silver lining here is that it is Xtend and they are solid with formulas. 

The Score: 8.7/10

Scivation Xtend Perfect 10 Amino Acid Supplement

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