Honest Product Review: Raze Energy Baja Lime

What Is It:  Introducing the new Baja Lime Raze Energy drink. No one has ever in the supplement industry made a supplement flavor like the famous Taco Bell Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Wait, what are we talking about - WE DID:

Baja Lime RAZE Energy Drink

This was our best selling flavor of FUEL at the time and sold out in a month! We are so excited to have you guys be able to have that flavor over and over again. Here is the new Baja Lime RAZE Energy Drink:

Raze Energy Drink Baja Lime Blast

Why This Stuff is Great:  The FLAVOR!!! People want a tropical baja blast in their mouth and they deserve it. This is the Energy Drink version from the very popular RAZE Energy. 

Bro Science: Its Baja Blast but 0 calories

Real Science: Raze Energy actually has an incredible formula that will have BCAAs and cognitive enhancing ingredients for performance. 

The Good: The flavor + 0 calories + formula

The Bad: It's not FUEL

The Rating: 8.3/10


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