Honest Product Review: Quest Nutrition Snack Bars

What Is it: The top protein bar on the market goes to Quest Nutrition but the #1 nut-based bar goes to KIND...until now. Introducing the first Quest Nut based Bar called the Quest Snack Bar. This bar will be low in sugar, low in carbs and high in protein making it a very healthy snack. 

Quest Nut Bar Snack BarQuest Snack Protein Bar Nut Bar

Why this stuff is great: A protein bar that tastes great and will help you stay lean and full. Also, this is a different type of protein bar coming from natural ingredients such as nuts compared to just adding whey protein. 

Bro Science: This is the quest version of the Kind Bar.

Real Science: Quest packs a big punch with 10g of protein, low carbs and just 210 calories per bar.

The Good: The fact that this bar is different and unique

The Bad: With these bars, you get less protein per serving compared to the Quest 12 bars. 

The Score: 7.9/10

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