Honest Product Review: Pro Supps Dr Jekyll Pump Shots

What Is It: Back in the day, Dr. Jekyll was the lower stimulant version of Mr. Hyde, the pre-workout that made Pro Supps famous. People who couldn't handle it would take Jekyll and it would have more of a pump complex. However, in 2019, Pro Supps changed Dr. Jekyll to their Stimulant Free pre-workout. Starting off with Dr. Jekyll Powder, it was their stimulant-free focus pre-workout to take at night. Then they decided to extend the line with Dr. Jekyll Stimulant Free Pump Shots. The name is self-explanatory and you take these liquid shots with your pre-workout for more pumps...or stand-alone if you just want pumps. 

Pro Supps Dr Jekyll Pump Shot

Why This Stuff is Great: Has anyone ever done this before? I know you can take liquid carnitine shots but never stimulant free pump shots. Pretty cool concept and I assume its super easy bc its a shot. Think beer over shots...which works better?

Pro Supps Dr Jekyll Pump Shots Stimulant Free

Bro Science: Screw having to make another shake or dump it with your pre. Just take a shot of this and watch the pumps begin.

Real Science: Dr. Jekyll Pump Liquid Shot was designed with maximum pumps in mind. For those looking to optimize their pump during training, this stimulant-free formula combines the power of Nitrosigine®, HydroMax® and Citrulline to deliver powerful pumps, improve recovery and prolong training endurance. 

The Good: This product is so cool and unique, I think that alone with the science behind the formula is the good.

The Bad: Where is the caffeine...I want Hyde Shots...oh wait, that exists.

The Rating: 8.6/10


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