Honest Product Review: PEScience Select Protein Bar

What Is It: yummmmmmm in a wrapper. Holy smokes, when you try this bar, you will understand. It is so fresh, full of flavor, and so healthy that you think it cannot be real. The PEScience Select Protein Bar will give any bar on the market, a run for its money.

PEScience Select Protein Bar

Why This Stuff is Great: The PEScience Protein bar only has 200 calories, 19g of Protein, and 5g of Net Carbs…plus it tastes out of this world! It legit is so soft and has a yogurt bottom.

Bro Science: Take these to stay lean and build lean muscle. They will go with any diet, Gluten Free, and low in carbs.

The Good: The taste and formula. It's too simple to say anything more.

PEScience Select Protein Bar

The Bad: They only come in two flavors. Once you try one, you will need more, I promise.

The Rating: 9.3/10

PEScience Select Protein Bar

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