Honest Product Review: Optimum Protein Ridges

What Is It:  Optimum Nutrition is killing the game these days with their healthy snacks. Stick with them and you will be lean and jacked. They just came out with ON Protein Ridgesor chips that mimic Ruffles but 10x for you

Why This Stuff is Great: Who doesn’t like chips? I don't think anyone, the issue is when you eat them, they serve no nutritional value and make you feel guilty for eating them. Optimum Protein Ridges will change that! Have your chips, and enjoy them too!

Optimum Nutrition Protein Ridges

Bro Science: um, they are chips that are lower in unhealthy carbs and higher in muscle gaining protein.

Real Science: By re-examining the formulation of a crunchy salty delicious chip, Optimum was able to use new ingredients to keep the taste and add protein for its muscle building qualities.

The Good: Literally every single thing about this product is good.

The Bad: The price per bag is a little (a lot) higher than a bag of Ruffles, but your health is worth it.

The Rating: 9.2/10

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