Honest Product Review: Musclesport Limited Edition Rhino Black

What is it: There are pre-workouts and there is the Musclesport Limited Edition Rhino Black in Forbidden Fruit and Kings Ransom. Yes, those are real flavors and that's not even what the most important aspect is...ITS THE FORMULA. This is one of the most bada$$ formulas in the industry and we will go into it here. 

Kings Ransom Pre Workout by Musclesport Rhino Black Limited EditionMusclesport Limited Edition Rhino Black Forbidden Fruit

Why it is great: This formula is TOP NOTCH with 6 patented ingredients and 23g of active ingredients. Want a solid workout? Not with this stuff, because you will get an INSANE workout. 

Bro Science: This is the strongest pre on the campus protein site. 

Real Science: 5 superior pump ingredients rapidly increase and sustain nitric oxide levels, engorging muscles with blood and nutrients. The unique combinations of ingredients in Rhino Black King’s Ransom™ help relax blood vessels by 3 unique mechanisms – increasing nitric oxide production, decreasing nitric oxide breakdown, and increasing the potency of available nitric oxide.

The Cellular Energy Complex benefits all aspects of performance. The ability to put in the work is what ultimately drives success, and with BetaPower™, GlycerPump™, Creatine MagnaPower®, and more, Rhino Black King’s Ransom™ is guaranteed to raise the ceiling on your performance levels and work capacity.

The Good: Everything

The Bad: The price is high but if you spread this over 2 months and then use FUEL for the other days, it balances it out. 

The Score: 9.6/10

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