Honest Product Review: Musclesport Lean Whey Revolution

What is it: Musclesport is the "flavor house" because they come out with incredible flavors that mimic our favorites without those extra calories. This review is on their best-selling protein Lean Whey Revolution and all the amazing flavors it comes in.  

Musclesport Lean Whey Protein

Why it is great: This is the best tasting protein on the market. Wait, it gets better - this protein helps you lose weight. Wait, it gets better - it comes in 10+ flavors. Wait, it gets better - it is the high highest quality protein in Whey Protein Isolate. 

Bro Science: Its protein that tastes great but will help you cut fat while building muscle (that was a run-on) 

Real Science: This whey has CLA + Carnitine + healthy fats to speed up the metabolism post-workout without any stimulants. 

The Good: The variety and the flavors

The Bad: Premium quality comes with a price 

The Score: 9.1/10

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