Honest Product Review: Lenny and Larry Complete Cremes (Oreos)

What Is It: Hey Oreo™, its time to be healthier and higher in protein so I don’t feel like a fatass every time I have you...or a sleeve. Introducing the Lenny and Larry version of the Oreo™ called The Complete Creme. 

Lenny and Larry The Complete Cremes Cookie

Why This Stuff is Great: We all can’t have fast metabolisms where we eat Oreos and stay lean. Now, thanks to Lenny and his buddy Larry, we are able to get the best of both worlds. Enjoy your cookie sandwich and stay lean in the process. Actually, since they have protein, there is another win. 

Bro Science: Healthy Oreos 

Real Science: Lenny and Larry know cookies and this is their version of America’s/Milk's Favorite Cookie. 

The Good: It is a healthy Oreo that tastes really good - you get it.  

The Bad: You have to pay $5+ to get 18 of these bad boys but still worth it. 

The Rating: 8.8/10

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