Honest Product Review: Frose Rose Bang

What Is It:  The newest and greatest flavor of BANG Energy Drink.....Frosè Rosè is launching Monday 2/18 on Presidents Day. I think they did this for George but regardless, we are all thankful. 

VPx Bang Energy Drink Frose Rose

Why This Stuff is Great: It is BANG so that's why...0 calories, 300mg of caffeine and BCAAs in every can. Plus this stuff tastes whey better than water. I am currently sippin on this Frose Rose right now and loving it. Honestly, the flavor is not remotely Rosè flavored but I absolutely love it. 

Bro Science: What's more bro that Frosè Rosè? Frosè Brosè? This stuff is refreshing and new so why not try a 12 pack! 

Real Science: BANG doesn't have any calories making it healthier than any sugary beverage you are currently drinking. Also prolly better than your morning coffee unless you drink it black. BANG also has BCAAs and CoQ10 for building muscle and heart health. 

The Good: This flavor is insane. I actually guessed that it was Nerds flavor and I was half right because of its exactly a grape watermelon flavor that I keep enjoying each and every can

Frosè Rosè VPx BANG Energy

The Bad: I guess the fact that it doesn't really taste like a Rosè

The Rating: 9.1/10

Frose Rose BANG Energy by VPX




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