Honest Product Review: CELSIUS Strawberry Guava Energy Drink

What Is It: I honestly have no glue what a Strawberry Guava fruit is so for all of you in the same boat, here it is:


CELSIUS Energy Drink Strawberry Guava

This is one of those flavors that is up and coming but tastes incredibly delicious with each variation i try. This is the Original white can CELSIUS Energy Drink in Strawberry Guava flavor. 

Why This Stuff is Great: CELSIUS Energy Drink is great because it uses 200mg of caffeine compared to the other intense Energy Drinks that use 300mg. On top of that, CELSIUS provides clinically proven fat loss with their formula. 

Bro Science: Get energy + lose weight and try this new amazing flavor

Real Science: Using their patented MetaBlend™, CELSIUS has proven that their energy drink will speed up the metabolism, increase performance, and burn more calories than not taking it. This on top of the several studies showing the benefits of caffeine combine to make a wonderful product.

The Good: CELSIUS is the best when it comes to refreshing flavors but you just want more...well folks, here you go...in a unique Strawberry Guava flavor! 

The Bad: It is going to sell fast so make sure you get yours ASAP

The Rating: 8.9/10

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