Honest Product Review: CELSIUS Original Peach Vibe

What is it:  CELSIUS is the number 1 energy drink made for weight loss and comes in some incredible flavors. There is no drink healthier or safe with such incredible flavors. They are so crisp and so refreshing. The only thing they are not doing is what the other Energy Drink companies are doing, making their own flavors...until NOW...

Introducing Peach Vibe by CELSIUS:

CELSIUS Original Peach Vibe Energy Drink

Why it is great: CELSIUS is not like any other Energy Drink out there. They use proven ingredients that are backed by 6 clinical studies to increase your metabolism and will aid in weight loss. 

Bro Science: This is a freaking incredible tasting energy drink that will help you tone out and burn fat. 

Real Science: CELSIUS uses something called a MetaPlus® blend that has been proven in over 5 clinical studies to increase the amount of calories your body burns compared to not drinking CELSIUS

 Peach Vibe Celsius Energy Drink White Can

The Good: This Energy drink packs everything you want and is not overwhelming. No creatine, no jitters, and all clean energy. 

The Bad: The first thing I think of is that you only get 12oz in this delicious energy drink when others are 16oz. The other think is that this is not the energy drink with 300mg of caffeine per serving...CELSIUS does 200mg, which should be plenty. 

The Score: 8.8/10

Peach Vibe Energy Drink by Celsius

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