Honest Product Review: Celsius BCAA plus Energy

What Is It: Celsius is one of the best Energy Drinks on the market. Yes, there is BANG but not everyone needs 300mg of Caffeine and Creatine. If you are looking for something more focused on recovery and lighter on the stimulants, you need to try this new product from Celsius.

Celsius BCAA plus Energy

Why This Stuff is Great: In this day where people are overloading caffeine into their tired bodies, it is nice to see a company offer other nourishing ingredients to aid in the bodies recovery such as BCAAs and Tart Cherry. 

Bro Science: Read the title, pretty self-explanatory

Celsius BCAA plus Energy

Real Science: So Celsius uses BCAAs to help aid in muscle recovery but on top of that, they added electrolytes and the famous Tart Cherry to speed the process up as well. Taking this will help you walk after leg day, speed up recovery and be ready for the gym. 

The Good: I think the best that comes from this is another Celsius product. To me, it is crazy that they only have 3. Now we can have BCAAs, Energy, and HEAT (powders too). 

The Bad: I am having a tough time with this one so I will go with the lack of caffeine for stim junkies. This product has 100mg of caffeine per can.

The Rating: 9.1/10

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