Honest Product Review: Campus Protein FUEL Pink Burst

What Is It: FUEL came back with a vengeance. Campus Protein released another limited edition bottle in the now epic Pink (star) Burst flavor. For those who do not know, “limited edition” means once its gone, ITS GONE. RIP to Baja Blast and White Frost who sold out. But wait...there's more...With every Pink Burst bottle you buy, Campus Protein (and you) will be donating money to fund Breast Cancer Research. 

Campus Protein FUEL Pre Workout

Why This Stuff is Great: It is FUEL...you get the best tasting pre workout on the market (seriously, it tastes exactly like the candy), 0 calories, incredible savings, and ONE HELL OF A WORKOUT. 

Bro Science: This is the best selling pre on the site and the best deal...you will prolly get free stuff too! 

Real Science: FUEL is the only pre workout ever formulated for the College Student. If you are saying you are not a College Student, don’t worry...it will work just fine. We packed 1.5g of Creatine, 1g of Citrulline and 200mg of Caffeine to lead the charge. We also have insane focus and pumps with this top tier pre. 

The Good: Literally every square inch of this product. 

The Bad: That you might now have this limited-edition flavor and if it sells out, you never will. 

The Rating: 9.999999/10 (because you cannot be perfect)


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