Honest Product Review: BEST Creatine Defined

What Is It: This is the perfect creatine solution for summer months aka take your clothes off months.

BPi BEST Creatine Defined is a creatine supplement that also has a muscle hardening agent in it. This means you do not bloat from the creatine and all your muscle gains are hard lean muscle. 

BPI Best Creatine Defined


Why This Stuff is Great: You get all the benefits of creatine without the negative bloating side effects. You will be able to build muscle faster, be stronger in the gym, recovery faster during your workouts, and not feel bloated. You will be able to take that shirt off since your muscles are primed...to be looked at. 

Real Science: Bpi uses 5 forms of creatine in BEST Creatine Defined to optimize the amount your body can digest. These are the most proven forms of creatine: Creatine Monohydrate, Anhydrous, MagnaPower, Phosphate, AKG, and pH Buffered Creatine. Then they use Berberine plus Lipoic Acid and Potassium Glycerol to keep muscles lean by pushing the water out of them. This will leave your muscles looking more firm and harder. 

BPi Sports Creatine Defined

Bro Science: This is a very high quality Creatine supplement stand alone...then BPi added a muscle hardening agent plus betaine to make you look better naked...by better we mean harder ;) 

The Good: We all know why people shit on creatine...the bloat, it doesn't work (even though its more proven than protein), and the fact they do not want to get "too big."

Bpi Best Creatine Defined is the perfect solution to the person who wants to take creatine but does not want the bad side effects. 

The Bad: You can get creatine for 12 bucks if you go straight monohydrate so you are paying a premium for this high quality product.

The Rating: 8.1/10


Check out the Label Here: 

Bpi Best Creatine Defined Supplement Facts

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