Honest Product Review: 3D Energy Drinks Chrome Flavor (Christian Guzman Brand)

What Is It: It has gotten to the point where 3D Energy Drinks earned a seat at the table as a top player in the Energy Drink space. Their flavors are ON POINT and they do things differently which is nice. Started by the famous Instagram or YouTube star Christian Guzman, this brand came on the scene hot and shows that they are not going anywhere but UP...get it eh eh. 

Chrome Silver 3D Energy Drink Flavor

Why This Stuff is Great: 3D Energy does one thing and one thing great...THE FLAVORS. They also do something fun with their flavors and they really never name them. This flavor is called CHROME which is kinda badass but don't worry, we can help you with what the heck the flavor is (below the rating).

Bro Science: An energy drink that doesn't taste like ass. Also, this flavor is so good and pretty unique for the industry. 

Silver Chrome Flavor 3D Energy Drink Christian Guzman

The Good: The flavor on this can is pretty incredible and really refreshing - fruity and a wee bit sour. (flavor below) 

The Bad: I guess not knowing the flavor can be bad. Maybe that CP is the only place online to buy it is bad? We love that! 

The Rating: 9.3/10

(The Flavor is: Strawberry Lemonade) 



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