Fiber: What Is the F Factor?

Have you ever heard of the F Factor? Or what the F Factor Diet is? I am pretty sure since I am writing this article that it stands for Fiber...and fat kinda. I will explain how increasing fiber can help you lose weight and burn more fat.

F Factor Diet 

What is Fiber: Fiber and we obviously mean “dietary” fiber is a plant-based carbohydrate that unlike other carb. It is different because it cannot be broken down as a calorie. Time to celebrate because that means you can get all the fiber in the world and never get fat.

This is the key to using fiber to help you lose weight and the premise of what makes the F Factor diet work. It fills you up, has some level of sweetness (cravings), and your body cannot process it as a carb so it never gets stored.

How Fiber Works in the Body: Fiber is digested, but not digested fully so on that path, it does a lot of healthy work.  

Types: There are 2 types of fiber, soluble and insoluble and that only means that soluble dissolves in water and insoluble does not. Soluble fiber has been shown to decrease blood sugar and lower cholesterol while insoluble speeds up the digestive process if you know what I mean.

Benefits of Fiber: There are many benefits of fiber such as better digestion, heart health due to lowering cholesterol, food allergy protection, and (gut) cancer prevention according to the British Journal and Mayo Clinic.

Supplements: The Institute of Medicine daily recommended amount is close to 30g of fiber per day. I know! There is 0 and I mean 0% chance any of us can come close to that. This is why supplements are made...and why we are thankful for them.


The first supplement we are fiber obsessed with is the brand new VMi Fiber and Probiotics Supplement. This supplement has 11g of soluble fiber per serving which is badass plus it comes in super cool flavors like chocolate (not awesome, but can add it to protein shakes), pineapple and mango to sip on and make your water even healthier. Then the added benefits of probiotics but you will need to read our other article to learn all about them. Regardless, this is an amazing supplement for someone looking to increase fiber or on the F factor diet.  

F Factor Fiber Supplement

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The next fiber we offer is the most versatile because it is unflavored. It is Optimum Nutrition’s Fiber. This supplement has 5g of fiber and 1g of sugar making it super clean and easy to add to any liquid for your fiber needs. Also great to add to any and all current supplements you are taking.

F Factor Fiber Supplement

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You gotta eat right and Tanya said you need fiber...she even made her own bar. Looking at the label of her bar, she wants you to eat Corn Soluble Fiber in the bar as your source so we looked at our best bar, The Quest Bar and it is perfect! Her bar comes in 2 flavors when The Quest Bar comes in 10+. This bar has tons of protein and the same amount of fiber making you full and keeping you lean. Plus she sells hers for $35 when ours is $25...just saying. 

F Factor Fiber Protein Bar 

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Overall, fiber is a necessary nutrient your body needs...ney, it's a nutrient your body wants and you should too. It's one of those win-win nutrients where too much isn't a bad thing. So F this and get your fiber supplement now.

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