CELSIUS Original Peach Vibe Coming Soon

Sound the alarms!! The hottest Energy Drink on Campus Protein is coming out with a limited-edition flavor and we couldn't be more excited. 

CELSIUS is famous for its slim white can. This energy drink is synonymous with weight loss and incredible taste. Typically, they offer refreshing fruit flavors but never go exciting with names or limited editions...UNTIL NOW!

CELSIUS Original Energy Drink Peach Vibes

We actually do not have a lot of information on this but we know the name of the flavor is: PEACH VIBE and they released this product overseas a while back. It clearly was a smashing success since they are now releasing it here. This is what the overseas can looks like:


You know with CELSIUS that this is going to taste good but the only question left is...WHEN THE HECK IS THIS COMING OUT!?


Stay tuned on Campus Protein IG and be on the look out. 


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