Brand New Sparta Nutrition Pre Workout - Best New Pre Workout?

So we finally got our hands on this brand new Sparta Nutrition Pre Workout. Not only is it the new formula, but it is Licensed. We have only seen a true license collaboration with Ghost but it is official, Sparta has entered the game. Introducing Smarties and ICEE Pre-workout flavors. 

Sparta Nutrition Pre Workout Kraken ICEE Slushie

First, let's go over these flavors...I hope you are as excited as we are with these. Who doesn't love ICEE slushies? Who doesn't remember downing Smarties with ease? Now you get to do this every day without the sugar guilt. 

And for those who do not remember these legendary candies, check them out here: 

Sparta Nutrition Pre Workout Smarties Flavor
Sparta Nutrition Pre Workout Smarties Candy Flavor
Sparta Pre Workout Kraken ICEE Slushy Flavor
SPARTA Nutrition Pre Workout ICEE Flavor

Now for the reason, we take pre-workout...THE WORKOUT. Let’s check out this badass formula: 

This is a 2 scoop formula: 


Citrulline - 4g to deliver solid pumps. This is really the only pump ingredient in the formula but dosed very well. 


Beta-Alanine - 3.2g which is the clinical amount to increase endurance throughout the workout.

Stimulant Stabilizer: 

L-Tyrosine - 2g which is aggressive in a great way helping you focus and not get overwhelmed from too much caffeine. 

THE STIMULANTS (caps on for a reason...this formula packs the ENERGY!!) 

Caffeine Anhydrous - 250mg which is already pretty strong 
Dynamine - 250mg which will give you insane focus while waking you up and even better when it is paired with caffeine
Caffeine Citrate - 50mg which is made for the middle of the workout so you do not crash. 
Theobromine - 25mg will create a more intense energy experience and some say it helps make you sweat more during your workout. 
Cocoa Seed Extract - 25mg is very similar to the above ingredient and will just add to the stimulants. 


NeuroFactor™ - 100mg will work with all the stimulants to create tunnel vision

Ingredient Uptakes (makes all the ingredients work better) 

AstraGin® - 50mg 
Black Pepper Extract - 10mg
Evodiamine - 2mg 
Sparta Pre Workout Formula ICEE Smarties

Let's just say, that before we even take a sip of this amazing pre-workout, it will WAKE YO ASS UP and get you in the gym. Honestly, it might be too good which means everyone wins. This way you do not need to take all 20 scoops and make this a 30-40 scoop pre-workout. 

Who here is excited to try this pre-workout? Comment below with what you think of the formula: 

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