Best Way to Lose 5 Pounds

Something is coming up, maybe we ate poorly for a little bit, or we are just in need of losing some weight. How are we going to do it? How do we figure out a way to lose 5 lbs. and how much time will that take?

Let’s look at this from a scientific approach and make sure we give ourselves the best chance to get there ASAP. 

The most important thing is that we need to understand that for this to work we need to be in a CALORIC DEFICIT. That means eat or consume less calories then we burn throughout the day. 

Best Way to lose 5 points l Weight Loss

The first step, find out how many calories you burn throughout the day. We suggest using this Total Daily Expenditure Calculator and be extra conservative with the options. This will protect us from overestimating our calorie burn. 

Next, we need to understand that it takes about 3,500 calories to burn one single pound. For us to lose 5 lbs. we will need to burn a total of 17,500 calories. 

How to Lose 5 pounds fast l Weight Loss

So if we wanted to do this in a month, it would be a daily deficit of 583 calories. THAT SOUNDS SO DOABLE! 

This is also a very safe way to lose weight which we fully support!

Now how do we speed this process up safely and effectively? I wonder what we are going to suggest...hmmm, maybe supplements?

Here are the top supplements for safe and healthy weight loss:


a stimulant free weight loss shot that will naturally have your body burn more stored fat for energy
Carnitine Weight Loss Supplement

Weight Loss Pre Workout

Weight Loss Pre Workout for women
Pre Workout for Weight Loss

Sweet Sweat Stick

This is a topical gel that will bring more attention to certain areas which will result in more fat burning. 
Sweet Sweat Stick for Weight Loss


By taking supplements to speed up your metabolism, you are increasing the calories burned throughout the day making it easier to hit the 583 calories you need to burn in order to lose those 5 lbs. It actually may even allow you to burn close to 1000 calories in the day making your timeline even shorter. 

If you have an event, beach day or plan on running into your ex you can try taking a diuretic to flush all water weight as well. This could temporarily help you lose a quick 2lbs. while toning your body in the process. Once the 48 hours are done, your water retention will go back to normal. 

Losing weight scientifically makes it less scary...remember to count your calories and make sure you are under your total expenditure and you will be just fine. It is just a matter of time. 

By just reading this article you are now more knowledgeable and will hit your goals. Comment below for what works best for you when trying to lose weight.

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