Best Vegan Protein Powder Supplements 2020

It is 2020 and we have made some incredible strides in supplements since they began being used in the '80s. Whey Protein used to taste like garbage and now they come in flavors like Fruity Pebbles and Fluffernutter! Pre Workout used to come in flavors like Fruit Punch but now we have Fruit by the Scoop. But what about Vegan Proteins and their flavors? When are we going to have a level playing field for the people that do not take whey? Here are the top-selling and best tasting Vegan Protein Supplements for 2020.

1. NUTREX Plant Protein 

Nutrex takes the Cake with this one...and it is because of their German Chocolate Cake. This All-natural vegan protein packs 20g of protein per serving from 4 different sources. The reason this is the best seller on Campus Protein is that people keep coming back for more. When it comes to plant protein, some taste so bad that you can't even finish a bottle. With the Nutrex Plant Protein, you finish it too fast. 

2. BEAM Be Amazing 100% Vegan Protein 

This product is not available on Campus Protein but we believe it would be a disservice to not give them a ranking here. Stack3d rated it the best vegan protein on the market and FitnessInformant agreed. There is something very special about this brand but it comes at a price. BEAM Be Amazing is a high-end premium supplement brand that puts everything into their supplements. The BEAM 100% Vegan Protein is top-notch quality but more importantly, it tastes great. 

3. PES Vegan Series Select Protein 

PES is known for its incredible PES Select Protein but that is loaded in dairy and whey protein. That is why they came out with this Vegan Protein powder allowing those that do not want milk/whey to enjoy their protein. Their flavors on their Vegan Series Select Protein are delish! PES actually has the most amount of flavors for their Vegan Protein so enjoy the options. 

4. Optimum Nutrition 100% Plant Protein

ON is the best when it comes to protein. They have the best selling whey protein of all-time in Gold Standard Whey so it makes sense that they made a great Plant-Based Protein. They actually named their vegan supplement Gold Standard 100% Plant and it is great! 


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