Best Dorm Snacks/Essentials

College kids are lazy, worthless, and good for nothing.

Bro - take a chill pill, we are just more efficient and order shit to our room and make sure we don't waste time. When you are in College, you have so much free time. That's why we drink (so we keep telling ourselves). Another thing we tend to do is work out and get into the best shape of our lives.

The one thing we have trouble doing is being healthy (please see above about the drinking part). We tend to eat extremely poorly and have poor overall diets. Campus Protein decided we will make a dorm room collection to offer dorm room essentials that will make life easier and help you be just a tad bit healthier.

My thinking for this collection of products is exactly what you need for hanging out, being healthy and staying hydrated. I always felt that I could drink more water and guess what...I was right.


Healthy Dorm Room Essentials


We got you covered with that high-end fancy Alkaline water or your famous grocery water in massive 35 packs. Just try and drink your water beside the morning after this heavy drinking we all do.


We all have shakers but never enough so why not pick an extra one up. We choose the classic bottle, collegiate, and the Just for Fun bottles...might as well have some personality on it.

College BlenderbottleJust for Fun BlenderBottle


I mean you need your pre-workout in your dorm so we had to throw in FUEL. Prolly should get one in every flavor just in case.

Fuel Pre Workout

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