Best Ab Workout for a 6 Pack

We all want to be ripped. We all want to take our shirts off and show 6 bulging abdominal muscles stacked on top of each other with the legendary V shaped waist. So let's work on it. Here we will talk about the best ab workouts for building abs and getting a six-pack fast. 

I have done a lot of ab workouts in “research” of this iconic six-pack and here are the best exercises to stress the muscle fibers, increase strength and create a lean flat stomach: 


The plank is the best exercise to build your "core" which holds everything together. The stronger your core is, the tighter your abs will be and the stronger you will perform in other exercises. The key to planking is the hold time. Start with 30-second holds and increase the time as you get stronger. 

Best workout for core and 6 packtop workout for a 6 pack



This requires equipment and by the name and pictures, you will need a BOUNCING medicine ball. WARNING: be prepared to react and catch these otherwise you can embarrass yourself. We suggest starting with lightweight and go light in terms of how you throw it on the floor. See the bounce and then increase intensity and weight. 

We suggest doing 45-second intervals with 15-second rests

best workout for abs best workouts for a 6 pack


This workout is not easy but it benefits the body so much and is vital in building the core for a solid six-pack. Most gyms have these and if not, you can find them very inexpensive. When you first try this workout, you might not be able to go that far from your knees so start slow and then increase how far you stretch out. Eventually, you will have a full extension and engage all the muscles making it a top ab workout. 

To start, figure out how far you can go and then see how many reps total you can do. Try to then hit that 3-4 times and work on increasing reps and extension over time. 

best ab workout for 6 packbest ab workouts for flat stomach six pack

The V-UP

This is a tough one for anyone and works the most important part of the abdominal section, the lower abs. If you are just starting this workout, try the full movement but if too difficult, try just the legs first and work your way up in strength. 

best ab workout to burn fat for 6 pack


The Bicycle is a great workout when you are trying to engage the sides of the abdominal muscles or the obliques. This will give you more shape and really help with the V shape we all desire. 

best ab workout to burn fat


The Pulse Up is a great lower ab workout to help burn fat and bring together all of your ab workouts. The goal is to lift your butt off the floor while engaging your lower ab muscles. It may look easy but I promise, this workout will give you a run for your money (whatever that saying means). It's tough, let's just say that.

Best Ab workout for a 6 packBest Abdominal Workout for 6 pack and V shape


The Russian Twist is a phenomenal ab workout because it works your core while you keep your upper body up and then the side abs as you twist. The more you work the more calories you burn making this a great fat loss ab workout. 

Best ab workout for six pack


Best Ab workout for Obliques and 6 Pack


This bench will be your best friend for abs but also your worst because it uses angles and gravity to make things harder. You will have to fight gravity to pick up your body and engage the abdominal muscles. You can pretty much do most ab workouts on the decline bench, it will just make it harder so try this when you are ready. 

Hardest Ab workout for 6 pack6 pack abs and V shape waist

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