Bang Drops New Flavor: Whole Lotta Chocolata

Bang Energy has launched more than 38 off-the-wall, unique flavors. They’re known for leading the energy drink industry with new, innovative drinks, and their newest chocolate-flavored energy drink is no different. Meet the flavor packed with a whole lotta fun: Whole Lotta Chocolata. 

Calling all chocolate lovers, this one’s for you! Bang’s newest flavor is fizzy, bold, and full of rich chocolate. It packs a punch with 300 mg of caffeine plus essential amino acids (EAAs), Super Creatine, and CoQ10. Whole Lotta Chocolota is calorie-free, carb-free, and sugar-free, all without compromising on flavor. Its goal is to deliver high-intensity flavor and energy without all of the unnecessary extras. 

Bang notoriously takes big risks with its flavors, and this drink has hit the market with mixed reviews. Regardless, the Willy Wonka-like Whole Lotta Chocolata has helped the CEO and founder of Bang Energy, Jack Owoc, live up to his nickname as the “Willy Wonka” of the supplement industry. Owoc gained the nickname and notoriety for his innovative flavor concoctions, and the extensive mixing and flavor-testing process that he uses to help Bang stay ahead of the competition. 

While the bubbly chocolate flavor isn’t for everyone, it might just be for you. Add some Whole Lotta Chocolata to your iced coffee or protein shake for an extra spike of chocolatey energy. Don’t knock it until you try it, the chocolatey drink is Willy Wonka approved!

Shop Bang’s new Whole Lotta Chocolata here now!

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