A True Guide: How to Dry Scoop Pre Workout

The art of taking supplements has taken IG by storm. Now you cannot just shake your pre-workout and sip it, there is a new art form that has entered the game: The Dry Scoop. 

What is dry scooping? How do you dry scoop? Is there a trick to dry scooping?

Well if you ever tried to do it on your own and failed, you know that you cough up smoke and have your life flash before your eyes. Also, you probably embarrassed yourself and made your car a mess. 

Dry Scoop Pre Workout


What is the reason for dry scooping? Well other than being a hardo in the supp game, it actually has a purpose. Pre Workout has active ingredients and water dilutes them. Dry scooping bypasses the water and allows your body to get to digesting the pre ASAP. This makes the pre workout hit harder. 

Dry Scoop Pre Workout

So now, how the heck do you do this properly without FAIL?

Campus Protein has over 2000 reps and we polled them to see if there is a common denominator to dry scooping and there is ONE!
Alot said to swig water around before and after. 
Some said to do multiple smaller scoops
One even said to skip pre workout and do protein...we think that was a joke because you would have to be crazy to do that. 
Here is the most prevalent answer to dry scooping: 

DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT BREATHE while dry scooping was the common suggestion.

It actually makes sense - once you introduce oxygen, your lung retract air and the powder particles get trapped and BOOM....you start coughing. 


Here are the best Pre Workout's to Dry Scoop #TeamDryScoop:

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