Finally, A Different Take on Fat Loss

C3G forces nutrients into muscle instead of storing them as fat by triggering nutrient partitioning”, a new ingredient technology found in iSatori’s LIPO-DREX™
By Stephen Adelé
Founder, CEO iSatori & Inventor of Bio-Gro


Nothing turns more heads then a tapered waist and razor sharp abs. It’s what every guy, and girl, wants.

Just think back to that guy who’s taken off his shirt on the beach or at the pool, to reveal six-pack abs and hard muscular body, and as you seethe with envy you watch ever other guy and girl stop and stare in awe. It’s a unbelievable feeling that being ripped and muscular can bring you. And up until recently, we thought that simultaneously burning body fat and building muscle mass couldn’t happen. We’ve always been duped into thinking that you have ‘bulk’ then ‘cut.’

Well, I’m excited to tell you that new research suggests that this is possible based on an ingredient called Cyanidin-3-Glucoside, or “C3G” for short. C3G is the major ingredient matrix found in our all new Lipo-Drex by iSatori. In this article I’d like to explain What C3G is; How it works; What the science says about it; and Other ingredients and their benefits in Lipo-Drex…and How to use it to transform your body into the ripped physique you’ve been working for.

What is C3G?

Cyanidin-3-Glucoside or C3G as i’ll refer to it from now on – is an ingredient known for its positive effects on body fat loss, while also gaining lean muscle. This is due to a scientific concept called “nutrient partitioning.” (We’ll get back to this concept of ‘nutrient partitioning’ later on and why it’s so important to us).

The orgins of C3G is a special purple colored pigment from the anthocyanidin group. I know, lots of science, bare with me. C3G is found primarily in the skins and colored regions of dark purple fruits, grains like corn, and berries such as blackberries, and aronia berries. Although C3G is bound to glucose (hence the “glucoside” part), its calorie content is negligible, even in the highest doses (thereby producing absolutely no calories in C3G).

How does C3G work?

In simple terms, C3G works as a “nutrient partitioning” agent. In other words, C3G helps to divert nutrients consumed (mainly fats and carbohydrates) away from fat cells and drives them into muscle cells. Now, if this doesn’t sound like a fitness fanatic’s dream, then you must be living on another planet. C3G does this by activating the master cell regulator, called AMPK (adenosine-monophosphate-protein-activated-kinase), which in turns signals an enzyme called Lipoprotein lipase (or LPL) to deactivate in the fat cells and activate within the muscle cells (See fig. 1). Simply put, C3G drives the nutrients you get from food away from the fat cell and redirects them INTO the muscle cell, so that you can lose weight and build muscle AT THE SAME TIME.


What does the science say about C3G?

C3G was first investigated for its potential to help with the management of insulin. Later, it was investigated for weight loss effects in prevention of obesity, and surprisingly was discovered in a more recent study that it could increase muscle mass. Further science on C3G the concluded that it may be able to reduce body fat and actually increase lean muscle mass, DURING periods of controlled overfeeding (like a “dirty bulk”, if you will).

In the most conclusive study (Tsuda, T et al.), animals were fed a high fat, high sugar diet, one group was given C3G, and the other group did not receive the C3G. The differences in results between the two groups were very impressive with regard to change in bodyweight (bodyfat and muscle mass). One researcher was quoted stating, “fat cells where shrinking and muscle cells were growing”, to put the results simply. Additional research from Tsuda, showed that subjects taking the C3G benefited from reduced fat cell lining inflammation and an increase in secreted adiponectin levels, which helps regulate blood sugar (glucose) dispel and break down fatty acids to lose weight faster.

Further research (Luo, X; and Oak, MH, et al.) has revealed that C3G can exert a pro-inflammatory effect and prevent subsequent damage, allowing for the muscle to repair and recovery sooner after exercise. What was most interesting, however, is in the Tsuda study, the more calories that were consumed in the test subjects the more muscle mass that was gained. 


Nutrient Partitioning - The Ultimate Body Transformation Agent

I’m fairly certain this won’t be the last time you hear about “nutrient partitioning” — a novel scientific concept that produces two diametrically opposing biological goals – simultaneous bodyfat loses and muscle gains. And rarely do I find myself compelled by such impressive data, like that I’ve discovered from C3G, that I would make such a bold statement – calling it “The Ultimate Body Transformation Agent.” But in this case, I firmly believe the data speaks for itself. It’s for these reasons we’ve worked tirelessly (like we originally did with our BIo-Gro bio-active peptides) and created a ‘Super C3G’ ingredient, combining three forms of cyandin-3-glucoside, to produce the most profound effect in ‘nutrient partitioning.” It’s called C3G-Max™; made from Aronia, Purple Corn and Blackberries, standardized for potency and purity of highest grade cyandin-3-glucoside. C3G-Max can only be found in LIPO-DREX™, our newest innovation in fat-loss/muscle-building suppplements from iSatori designed to impart the strongest ‘nutrient partitioning’ available and help users, along with exercise, lose bodyfat and increase muscle mass, at the same time – to achieve the coveted lean and muscular physique.  

So What About the Other Ingredients in Lipo-Drex…

When we formulated LIPO-DREX, even though it was certainly impressive alone with its nutrient partitioning, I didn’t want to just stop at C3G, so we were sure to include other potent ingredients to make LIPO-DREX the strongest thermogenic fat burner on the market;

  • Coleus Forskohlli Extract, which aids in the loss of fat but also the maintenance of lean muscle.
  • N-Acetyl L-Carnitine, to aid in the release and metabolism of fatty acids supporting energy and fat loss.
  • Green Tea Extract to increase resting metabolic rate to burn more calories, driving overall weight loss.
  • Berberine HCL, which supports nutrient partitioning by stimulating AMPK.
  • Caffeine Anyhydrous to increases energy and focus via the central nervous system. Assists in caloric expenditure and triggers thermogenesis.
  • TeaCrine™ Theacrine, to help prevent the energy crash so familiar to caffeine, TeaCrine keeps the energy coming by adding an extended release ingredient.
  • L-Ornithine which is shown in specific doses to extend the half-life of caffeine, in turn extending the energy and fat mobilization effects.
  • Yohimbine HCL which works to increase adrenaline levels in the body and to mobilize fat.
  • CapsiTherm(r) Cayenne Pepper contains the active capsaicin, capsaicinoid, and capsinoid These molecules have been shown to increase thermogenesis and energy expenditure (causing you feel a warmer body temperature).
  • Bacopa, a nootropic ingredient that helps with cognition, memory and focus.
  • Hordenine, for increased metabolic rate and energy, as well as a decrease in appetite reportedly due to slowed digestion.

We spared no expense. Didn’t cut corners. We packed 659.5 precise milligrams of powerful thermogenic fat-burning / muscle-building ingredients inside every capsule of Lipo-Drex. It’s what you’ve come to expect from iSatori, and I wasn’t go do anything less with this new creation.

How Do I Use it?

When i’m asked on a scale of one to ten, what the level of energy, I enthusiastically reply, “11”! That’s a full dose of two (2) capsules. You take them in the morning, upon waking or 30 minutes before your largest meal of the day.

“It feels just like you are on your favorite study aid and can work for hours,” was one comment I received from a local college student here in Colorado. So my recommendation is to assess your tolerance with one capsule, if you’re under 150 pounds of bodyweight or very sensitive to caffeine, and take two capsules if you’re over 150 pounds of bodyweight. But whatever you do, please don’t stack LIPO-DREX with other stimulant containing products.

I’m sure by now you get the point. LIPO-DREX is in a class of its own. The one an only nutrient partitioning thermogenic fat loss pill designed to aid in fat loss, muscle hardening, and extreme energy.


So, if you want all the “perks” that come with chiseled, granite-like abs, and possess a harder, more muscular looking body than all the other guys and girls around, there’s only one obvious choice: LIPO-DREX. Give it a try, and follow a sound nutrition plan (If you need one, try my “carb-Cycling Diet), train harder than ever, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. (Then come tell me how well it worked for you! You can find me on Instagram or Twitter @stephenadele or on YoutuBe @isatoritech).

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Stephen Adele 

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