Interview: Jay Zuccato

 Jay Zuccato

 Fitness Personality | Cellucor International Spokesmodel | 5x Cover Model | Online Coaching

       1. What got you into fitness?

In my first year of College I was out of shape, living a very unhealthy lifestyle and going down a negative path in life. Although I was working out, I made life choices that held me back from reaching my fitness goals. I started watching Greg Plitt and Rob Riches videos and was inspired to become a fitness model. I finished that semester and during that summer break I spent the 12 weeks completely transforming my physique.

  1. What has been your biggest struggle throughout your career?

    As a natural athlete it has been difficult staying in shape throughout the year and bringing up weak points in my physique at the same time. This winter I decided to take an off-season for the first time to work on growing my calves and back. So far it has been a great success!

    3.Which supplements do you currently take?                                                                                            
        Cellucor Alpha Amino, C4 50x, Cor-Performance Creatine, Cor- Performance Whey, NO3 and Super HD.     4.How do you recommend students can stay fit in college?
  •  Plan your workouts around your class schedule.
  •  Have Dummbells, a Chin-up bar and AB roller at home or in your dorm.
  •  Walk to class instead of driving or taking transit (more money for food and supps lol)
  • Cook meals in large quantities twice a week (In-between classes on on rest days).
  • Bring multiple meals to school (This will help you to avoid eating unhealthy options offered on campus.)
    1. What is your best nutrition tip for people?                                                                             Eat as much nutrient dense food as you can! Don’t be scared to eat out or enjoy foods that you like in moderation. Eat your treat meals post-workout after training a lagging body part and utilize the excess calories to help promote muscle growth!


    6.What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?                                                 

     My biggest goal when starting out in the fitness industry was to land the cover of Inside Fitness Magazine here in Canada. After more than 4 years of hard work this dream finally became and reality back in October!

    7.Have you found your swolemate yet?  

    Not yet ! Maybe in 2016 lol.                                                                            

    8.How do you stay motivated?

    I find the key to staying motivated is to create short and long term goals. Make a plan, take action and follow through! Once a goal is accomplished make new ones!   

          9.How do you deal with junk food cravings and what’s your favorite cheat meal?

      Balance is key. Eating food that you like is important if you want to sustain stay healthy mentally and physically in the long-term. Eat these foods in moderation and fit them into your macros for the day.

      10.What newbie mistakes did you make when you first started training?                                   The mentality that lifting as heavy as you can will get you the greatest results. Over the years I’ve realized time under tension and proper form is much more beneficial than the amount of weight you’re using.

             11. If you could pick one CP stack which would it be?     

             The Cellucor Chrome Stack!      

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