Interview: Elle Chapleau

  Elle Chapleau

CoFounder BestFit Body Fitness   @elle_bfitbody

1.How did you get started in the fitness world?

My mom is actually a competitor as well. I remember being a freshman in college seeing bodybuilding magazines around the house, which disturbed me. I didn't get it at first, but as I got older I understood what she was doing and became interested. She was always very quiet and humble about it, never pushed me, but seeing how happy she became from it made me want to do the same. 

2. How have you made fitness your lifestyle?

I work with my mom in an online training prep program. We created and built this program from nothing. I work all day long with clients helping in their journeys. 

3.What is it like being on stage in a competition?

The spotlight is like being in a whole different world. You can hear from many competitors, it is a "high" feeling that keeps you coming back for more. 

4.Do you follow a strict or flexible diet?

Flexible dieting all the way! I was luckily educated and never ended up in a situation where I came off of prep with a eating disorder. 

5. What is your go-to meal to make?

Can't let go of my protein pudding! I plug it in at the beginning of the day so I have the macros saved up for it. All it consists of is PEScience Select Protein, water, powdered PB and topped with more PB or chocolate chips.

6. What supplements are you currently taking?

I take a lot! A multivitamin, liquid fish oil, BCAAs, Alphamine before cardio to warm up the whole body and use as a fat burner. I also love High Volume before a lift, the pump is unreal. 

7.Do you enjoy working out with your BF?

Our schedules are a bit opposite. When I am feeling generous i'll wait for him all day to train at night. It's nice to workout with someone though to help push one another!

8.How can someone stay on track through their journey?

Take progress pictures everyday, your own progress will motivate you. Don't compare your progress to others, celebrate those little achievements you make. 

9.How does it feel knowing so many people view your social media everyday?

The first time someone came up to me in person and told me they felt like they could be friends with me, I knew I was doing something right. People are listening to me and I try not to push someone one way. I want to get information out there and be relatable. Everyone goes through struggles and I want to remind people that. 

10.What are your ultimate goals for the future?

I want to be on the Olympia stage one day. I have only been competing a little over a year so not immediately, but I want that IFBB title. Besides from competing I was to grow my Youtube, Bestfit Body program, myself, and help reach as many people possible interested in competing and fitness!

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