How Campus Protein Changed My Life

Sheridan Fidelman

How did Campus Protein impact your transformation?

I was actually at the Olympia in Vegas with some of the CP reps where they taught me a ton about supplements! Seeing how passionate they all were about fitness really inspired me to want to change. They all have been extremely helpful in giving me advice on what to buy and how to use the supplements!

What motivated you to keep going on your journey?

When you surround yourself with people who are fit and healthy, it's hard not to be inclined to that lifestyle. It's not really a chore when you workout and cook with friends. I have learned to make it a lifestyle not a diet.

Did you ever want to quit or have you had any drawbacks?

I have a regular routine, so when I have gone on vacation and trips I go out of that routine. With the support from people around me it has made it easier to stay on track and keep motivated.

What changes did you make in your diet?

I stopped buying cookie dough:) When you know what you are putting in your body and cook your own food, you know you will be eating healthy. I also eat more regularly throughout the day instead of just 3 times, I plan ahead and pack snacks to go for class and work.

Which supplements do you take?

Super HD has been a life changer for me. It gives me so much energy throughout the day and keeps me in the gym forever! I also love making protein shakes after a workout with Rule 1 Whey

What are some of your favorite exercises?

I love spinning, no matter what kind of mood your in the right kind of music it can make it a fun time!

What do you love most about your new lifestyle?

Even though there are days that you don't want to workout or eat healthy, I have come so far that it keeps me going to push myself further. I feel more energetic and happier than I ever have before. I have so much confidence and feel good putting on a hot dress to go out!

How do you recommend people start their own fitness journey?

You just have to tell yourself you can do it and set small goals at a time. The process isn't easy and changes don't happen overnight, but once you see results you will be motivated to keep going!



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