Interview: Danielle Waltman

  Danielle Waltman 

@mrswaltman        Age:26    Height:5' 5"       Weight:125

1.     What got you into fitness?

I started taking my health seriously after having my second child. I gained a lot of weight during both of my pregnancies and needed to make my health a priority for myself and my family. I started making my children my reason and not my excuse! 

2.     What keeps you motivated?

My kids! My kids are my number 1 fans and they are what gives me the drive to keep going! My Instagram followers are also a great motivation for me! They are the most supportive individuals and I am very thankful for their constant encouragement! 

3.     What supplements do you take?

I am currently taking Cellucor's SuperHD, CLK, Alpha Aminos, and Whey Protein! 

4.     Favorite meal?

I love seafood! Salmon, shrimp, tuna... all of the above! I pair it with some rice and veggies and that is my go to meal. 

5.     Favorite part to train?

Legs! People probably think I'm crazy, but I look forward to training legs each week. I train them every two days. 

6.     Ultimate cheat meal? 

Pizza, boneless buffalo wings, and some red velvet cake or dessert! 

7.     What do you look forward to in the future?

I look forward to being able to inspire and help as many people as possible with my fitness journey. I want to show others that it can be done. I love talking to other moms and encouraging them to focus on themselves more. I also want to raise my kids knowing how important their health is. At ages 3 and 4 I can already tell I have made a difference in their view on fitness. I want to be someones reason for turning their life around! :)

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