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What is “the Pump” – you hear people talking about this in the gym, but the truth is, there is so much more to the pump than just looking bigger. It is important to pump the muscle groups you are working on, full of nutrients so that they can build and become stronger.

Better pump = better results.

There are tons of ingredients that help increase pump, on the market. Everyone knows the old school ingredient Arginine, but due to advances in science, that ingredient is almost obsolete. One ingredient that is catching fire and proving to be a top pump agent is Agmatine.

Going back to our old friend, Arginine, Agmatine is actually a metabolite (a substance created by the metabolism) of L-Arginine. It is often toted for its vasodilatory properties, which are caused by its interactions with different Nitric Oxide synthases (NOS)1. Agmatine will allow the body to pump more blood and nutrients to the muscles you are working when it is converted to Nitric Oxide in the body. By supplying this extra blood flow, you will be able to see great improvements in your lifts, as well as your recovery. Like we mentioned earlier with the ingredient Agmatine there is so much more than DAS PUMP.

Other benefits include pain management, anxiety, overall mood, and cognitive health. When Agmatine crosses the blood-brain barrier, it has very interesting pain-relieving properties1. This is specifically great for athletes looking to stay away from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Agmatine’s effects on cell regeneration can also lessen pain from lack of recovery. This allows for the growth of certain cells (depending on the type), including stem cells2. When you think of cell growth, think muscle repair and synthesis- what we know you REALLY care about.

Of course, we want to build muscle (anabolic) and prevent muscle breakdown (catabolic). Look no further than Agmatine again! Those mood-changing effects seen earlier help to keep cortisol levels in check4, which will keep muscle catabolism at bay. It also helps to increase endurance by the production of carnosine (which has the same effect of beta-alanine supplementation). Performance is also aided by the neutralization of harmful free-radicals that are produced during bouts of oxidative stress (such as lifting, running, and other physical activities).

We have now covered the body (pump) and the mind (cognitive health) when analyzing the benefits of Agmatine; however, there is yet another aspect! Agmatine has an extremely positive affect on body composition. Agmatine allows for the regulation of insulin secretion5, as well as aiding in increasing insulin sensitivity6, which allows for the insulin produced by the body to be used more effectively. What this equates to in the long run is less fat storage and higher efficiency of nutrient shuttling to the muscles. Also, during exercise, Agmatine supplementation helps to activate adrenaline and dopamine release, which leads to increased endurance and decreased body fat9.This is another reason why this ingredient and the pump is so important. Whether you are looking to use the pump to build muscle or burn fat, Agmatine will be the ingredient you want aiding this.


Where to Find Agmatine:

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            Sources: Agmatine Sulfate, Agmatine Peptides, Agmatine Phosphate, Agmatine HCL (Matrix = 500mg per scoop)

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Agmatine is a relatively new ingredient in the supplement world, however due to the fact that so many have great experience taking it, expect to see it around for a very long time. Using the knowledge you gained from this article on top of your own research, we strongly recommend that you try this incredible ingredient to get the best pump of your life. 


Johnny Protein 

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