How to Pick a Girl Up at the Gym

The gym is a great place to try to get some digits to score a date, since it is full of in-shape girls that are fitness like yourself. All you need is a little confidence and a little game to get the job done.

Using cheesy pick up lines such as, “The elliptical isn’t the only thing getting my heart rate up.” Or “Do you have any tape? Because I’m totally ripped.” Isn’t exactly the right way to go…

Conversation is Key

Start a conversation that’s related to the gym, an easy connection! Give her some advice, ask a question or make a comment about the workout she is doing. Finding something gym-related to talk about will give you an excuse to go further into conversation with her.


 When it comes to compliments you want to avoid complimenting her body…it makes things awkward for her. Instead focus on complimenting her outfit or the workout routine she is doing. She will be impressed that you are paying attention to more than just her body.


Approaching a girl while you are sweating bullets with a pit stained shirt is a definite no. Bring some cologne or extra deodorant along if you know you are going to make a move. No girl wants to get a whiff of bad odor while being hit on.


 Just like guys, girls don’t want to be interrupted for a conversation while they are in the middle of a hard set. Don’t ruin her concentration, wait for her to go on a water break or see that she is switching exercises to make an approach. Keeping the initial conversation short and sweet is all you need to get started, if she’s interested it will make her want more.

 ConFITdent over Cocky

 Flexing your pecks or acting like a know it all is not going to get the results you want. She probably has already seen you working out at the gym so there is no need to show off how much you can lift. This is the time to bring out your personality out and put the ego behind!

 Think you have what it takes? Go out there and find your swolemate!

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