5 Hacks to Lose More Weight for the Summer

Its that time of the year, the weather is changing and its starting to get warm out. You know what that means...time to cut! The shirts are coming off soon so lets get into shape now so we look better naked later. 

This article is perfectly timed to give you 5 weight loss tips to cut faster and more efficiently so you look your best this summer. 

Fat Loss Tips for College Students

Hack #1: Cut Carbs like a knife slices bread...yup, went there

Carbs are what trigger storage, or in laymen's terms...the build up of fat. They are not readily forms of energy so your body needs to store them in fat cells in order to use them later. If you have less carbs in your diet, your body uses stored fat for energy...this will cause fat loss.

My hack is to keep your carbs per day around 80-100 net and fill the rest of your macros with fat and protein. "Net" means not counting fiber so enjoy those Quest Bars. These bars are great because they do not spike your insulin and gives your nutrients to fuel your day. 

Hack #2: Drink Water like a camel after a long walk in the desert

People think that weight loss has everything to do with eating but water plays a HUGE role in weight loss. Think of it as the lubrication to the weight loss process. The more you drink, the better your body can burn fat. 

They (I really need to find out who that is) say that you should drink a gallon a day to stay healthy. Thats 128 fl ounces of water or in supplement terms, 4.5714 shaker bottles of water. Start chuggin...

Help Losing Weight for Bikini Season

When thinking of weight loss, I would use the gallon rule as your benchmark to hit but getting more can only help. This is not to say you should drink 10 gallons a day but 1.5-2 gallons would be optimal. Here are hacks on how to get there:

Pick up a BlenderBottle Pro 45 shaker bottle for your water bottle - this is 45 ounces massive and makes it super easy to chug water. Only 3 of these bad boys and you hit your gallon. 

Use your shaker bottle and supplements to your advantage - always fill up your shaker bottle to the top when taking supplements and then chug the water to the desired level before putting your supplements in. This should get you 20-30 oz. of water extra.

Drink during all meals - fill up that shaker, get as big of a glass as possible and start sipping. Your body can drink more during meals because it is distracted and will also allow your metabolism to work more efficiently.

Hack #3: Add that thing called Cardio

No one like cardio, its a fact - go look it up. If someone says they do, then do not trust them. The think with cardio though, its very important to use it to your advantage to burn fat. There are so many forms of cardio so here is the best strategy to burn fat and not lose a lung. 

Summer Weight Loss Tips

Incline Walk - go about 3-4mph at a 12-13% incline and try as hard as possible to not touch the handles. Keep your heart rate at 115-130 bpm and you should be prime for fat loss. 

Climb Stairs - this is the hardest by far...but they do say nothing worth having comes 


Break up the cardio - Do 10 minute warmup and 20 minutes post workout cardio to get the body prime and finish off strong. The after burn will help eat up calories in your diet and burn more fat.


Hack #4: Change up the workout bc change is needed

Usually during the winter, you get stuck focusing on certain muscle group splits. Chest on Mondays (obviously, international chest day), back and bi's, etc. This is great for building muscle and burning calories in the repair process. 

Is it ideal for fat burning, not the best. This is where you can use a change to burn more fat than normal. Try having an upper body, lower body, and ab/arm day. In those days, hit as many muscle groups as possible with minimal rest (1 min max). The faster and more reps you hit, the more calories burned. This will also give you that after burn effect for even more fat loss. 

The leg day is the most important - the most muscle is in your legs, and this is where you can burn the most calories. Hit legs and hit them hard! Thank us later. 

Hack #5: Meal Timing 

This is where the "abs are made in the kitchen" line comes in. Timing of your meals along with the carb intake will be your best friend when it comes to weight loss. 

First off try working out in the morning, it just gets the body ready for the entire day and allows your body to use all nutrients post workout to repair muscle post workout. 

Second, try to have your carbs as late as possible. This allows the body to burn as much fat as possible. Make a protein shake in the morning, throw some MCTs in there and turn your body into a fat burning machine. 

Always keep in mind Hack #1

When it comes to dinner, try to finish your last meal before 7:30pm so your body gets it in the system before bed. With this strategy you might get late night urges so brush your teeth as soon as possible after dinner. 

 Hopefully these hacks work. SHARE with us in the comments your hacks!  

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