5 Common Myths About Pre-Workout - Debunked!

Pre-workout is taking over the fitness industry and has seemingly become an everyday staple, right up there with taking a daily gym mirror selfie. Whether you’re scrolling through social media or in the gym locker room, you’ve probably seen a tub or two of pre-workout recently. From powders, to chews, to capsules, to shaker bottles, pre-workout has staged a full-scale takeover. With this much buzz around one supplement there are bound to be myths floating around, so we’re here to set the record straight about 5 of the most common ones!

Myth #1: Pre-workout is only beneficial if you’re trying to build muscle

There’s a common misconception that pre-workout is only for a very specific group of hardcore gym-rats, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Pre-workout isn’t just for the meatheads at the gym who look like they skip leg day, it’s also for the average gym-goer whose goal is to stay active and healthy. It has several benefits beyond just trying to build muscle including improved endurance, workout intensity, and overall performance due to the increased energy and alertness pre-workout provides. 

Myth #2: Pre-workout is bad for your heart and will give you the jitters

People often have fear and anxiety about how pre-workout is going to affect them during and after a workout, but if you take a close enough look you may realize that taking pre-workout really isn’t all that different from your usual daily coffee intake or the energy drink you used to drink before every workout. While caffeine affects everyone differently, pre-workout isn’t intended to have you bouncing off the walls if you take the correct amount for your body and your needs. To avoid the jitters, remember that not all pre-workouts are created equal and it’s important to check the caffeine content and recommended dosage before taking it. 

Myth #3: Pre-workout can improve muscle and strength without working out

As much as we’d love to tell you that just by taking pre-workout your muscles will grow and multiply in size, that's more of a pipe-dream than any sort of reality we’re living in. The reality is, building muscle and improving strength takes time, consistency, and going to the gym on days you just don’t feel like going. While pre-workout can certainly help you get there by providing increased energy, alertness, and longevity to your workouts, it’s not a miracle supplement. The good news is that you do have control over your habits and could use pre-workout as an avenue to help you get there!

Myth #4: Pre-workout and other supplements are unnecessary if you eat right

One common myth is that just by eating right, pre-workout and other supplements have no place. This simply isn’t the case! After a hard workout, your body needs additional amino acids like the ones found in pre-workout to support the amount of protein synthesis going on in your body. Legit supplements will help you sustain high levels of energy to expend over a longer period of time and help support that necessary increased blood and oxygen flow. Don’t be afraid to add supplements to your gym prep and recovery routine, they’re made to be an additive to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Myth #5: Creatine found in pre-workouts is a steroid

There’s an increasingly common misconception that creatine, maybe the most important  ingredient in pre-workout, is a steroid. This is completely false! Creatine is a natural substance found in our bodies that stimulates cellular energy, and is perfectly safe! Steroids aim to mimic the male hormone testosterone which creatine does not. Creatine uses biochemical mechanisms that enhance energy in your body to increase muscle mass and endurance so there’s no need to be afraid of it, take advantage of its benefits!

The bottom line:

We hope this article helped clear up any doubts or misconceptions that you had about pre-workout. Don’t let others' opinions and biased social media posts make your mind up for you! When it comes to increasing energy, alertness, and endurance, pre-workout should be your go-to supplement. 

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