Gain the Freshman 15...In Your Biceps

Gaining the Freshman 15...In Your Biceps

Staying active is easy while at school if you make the right choices. Instead of taking the shuttle, walk to class or rather than  riding the elevator, take the stairs. The gym is most likely right around the corner from your dorm, so instead of binge watching every episode of Orange Is the New Black pick up some weights or go for a run!

Here are some great exercises you can do right in your small dorm room!

Choosing healthy food for your dorm is easy when you know what to shop for. Although freshman can be stuck with a simple microwave and mini fridge, there are foods that can be purchased that are easy to access and make. If you only keep healthy food in your dorm you won't be tempted to snack on junk late at night.

Turn up Tuesday, Wasted Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, all that alcohol will cause you to consume empty calories that your body will not thank you for. Drinking is one of the number one causes for gaining weight in college. When you want to have a drink with your friends try sticking to clear alcohols such as vodka or tequila. These will have the least amount of calories and sugar compared to other choices . Eliminate calories  by sticking to mixers/chasers with zero calories such as diet sodas or ICEE drinks.

Be picky when it comes to dining hall foods. Don’t settle for greasy fast food restaurants or places with the shortest lines. There are many ways to get the most nutrients out of the food selections you have. Even the fast food restaurants have a “Light Menu” or healthy options to chose from


Being prepared for the day by bringing snacks with you throughout the day can save you from binge eating at meal times. Aim to eat healthy fats to keep you feeling full such as nuts. From you can even order custom snack packs to bring along with you to class or munch on while doing homework.


Our bodies need sleep to repair and perform to its best ability throughout the day. Sleep is going to greater benefit your health much greater than pulling all nighters for a test. In order to get a sufficient amount of sleep your body needs 7-8 hours to maintain a healthy diet. You can even throw in a nap between classes to help get some hours in! Not getting the proper amount of sleep can actually lead to weight gain.


Although school may be stressful, we can find ways to stay healthy. Find a balanced lifestyle between having a good time and staying fit and you will survive the best years of your life!

By Brooke Goldstein

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