The Beginning of Something Great

Our company, Campus Protein, didn’t start with the intentions of becoming a business, it was more something we stumbled into.

We created Campus Protein out of necessity. The quick story? Russell, the founder and CEO, was a sophomore at Indiana University in 2010.


He had just finished pledging his favorite fraternity with some of his best friends, he just met the “girl of his dreams,” and was in the best shape of his life. Sounds good right? Wrong. With great abs comes great credit card debt. He began to learn about supplements to get big and look lean. After finding a combination that worked, Russell headed to the local vitamin store and stocked up on a one month supply for the hefty price of $145. The local and national stores everyone is used to, were destroying his budget to the point where he would sometimes have to choose between buying his next months supply of protein or going out to the bars.

Russell and his friends decided they had to do something. They spent hours learning about these products, from proteins to pre-workouts and called as many people as they could. Turned out, a lot of people were in the same predicament. They put together a list and made a massive group order of everyones favorite supplements. People thought, “wow, a cheaper, quicker, easier, option than what I’m used to, AND my friends are doing it?”


It was decided that this was a system that could be applied to more than just Russell and his pledge brothers and to more than just Indiana University. From enjoying a hobby, to solving your own problem, to helping others solve their problem, to creating a business, Campus Protein was born.

We had one direct motive when we started, help people with the same problem we once had. Most college students like us don’t have the money to afford groceries, booze, supplements, combined with the other necessities. Besides the money, time too is just as valuable. Between going to classes, playing intramural sports, watching our favorite tv shows, and studying, walking to the closest vitamin store required more time than we had to offer. Now with locations at over 4 university campuses and with 5 more ready to launch by Fall 2012, Campus Protein is continuing to expand and grow. Help us, help you!

We’re always looking for ideas or suggestions so send ’em our way to:

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