How to “Get Jacked” in Six Weeks

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my post and supporting the Campus Protein team! My name is Zach Albin and my intro to bodybuilding is probably what you would expect. I wanted to look good and feel good and started lifting weights, using supplements, and researching/learning as much as I could. Now as a sophomore at Indiana University, I feel that Ive accomplished a great deal and hope to compete in bodybuilding and fitness modeling soon. Dedication and determination are two things you’ll need to truly “get jacked” with the program Im about to talk about…

Recently, while working out at my hometown’s very own Bob’s Gym, I met a 13 year, veteran bodybuilder who shared some advice with me along with a BRUTAL 6 week workout plan. I’ve heard a saying once that said “If you want big arms, you go talk to the guy in the gym with the biggest arms.” Well, I want to get huge and this guy was huge, so I trust his advice.

This workout actually came from an old Soviet powerlifting training regimen. It involves finding the maximum amount of weight that you can lift one time in incline bench, flat bench, squat, and deadlift. These maxes are going to be extremely important in deciding the weight you’re going to be doing for the next six weeks, as well as measuring your progress. Once you find your maxes on these four lifts, you’re ready to start punishing your muscles for their weakness.

The first week of your program starts with calculating the amount of weight that is 85% of your max. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you will do that weight for 8 sets of 5 reps on incline, flat bench, squat, and deadlift. I’ll call these your “Core 4″. Tuesday and Thursday you will do your auxillary lifts. These will basically fill in the gaps left by your Core 4. I would recommend doing some shoulders, back, abs, and biceps on these days. This will allow your chest, triceps, lower back, and legs to recover from the beating they took the day before. Some auxillary lifts I’d recommend are Arnold press, military press, bent over and upright rows, crunches, leg raises, and different variations of curls.

For the duration of the program you will add 10 pounds and subtract one set from each of your Core 4 weekly. For example: if you did 8 sets of 200 pounds on bench your first week, you will do 7 sets of 210 on your second week, 6 sets of 220 on your third, and so on.

Be prepared, because your maxes are going to increase dramatically in this 6 weeks if you put in the work. That being said, this workout routine will be VERY difficult. I recommend recruiting a buddy to spot you and keep you motivated.

Put in the work, get the results! Good luck.


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