Get Fit…Or Die Trying

Curvy, thunder-thighed, and hip-py. I’m a Hispanic girl with hips that don’t lie and ones that will never go away. I’ve never been one to have a “workout routine.” What is that word routine anyways? Does anybody really do the same exact thing everyday of their lives? Especially when they’re in college?


Well for me working out was never a part of my daily life, at least until recently. I’ve gone through some seriously hard times through the past two years and it has affected the way I feel about myself. My junior year I went through a stage – I was moping around, not eating, never going out and the result was that I miraculously lost 15-20ish pounds in a month. So as I was miserable, sad, and lonely everyone kept saying, “OMG you look so skinny, you look great!” And I hadn’t even noticed one damn change. And on top of all that I still didn’t feel good about myself.

This summer I decided to take back control of my life. I vowed to not only feel good but to look good too. Because if you didn’t know already, these two things go hand in hand. While feeling like a piece of shit on many nights alone, at home, and in bed, I watched the Insanity workout program infomercial probably a total of 50 times and finally decided that I was going to do something for ME, MYSELF, and I. I’m not exactly sure how you know that a workout program is right for you, but for me it was what the instructor of this DVD program said: “This is up to you. It’s time for you to look in the mirror and be the best that YOU can be. I’ll be here to help you and all you have to do is push yourself.” I mean here it was in my face the thing I had been doing wrong all these years – I was never ever doing it for the right reasons.

Once upon a time, a girl would go to the gym in her workout clothes, sneakers on, water bottle in hand, ready to go. But once she arrived at the gym she realized she didn’t know what she was doing and that everyone else was skinnier than her anyways so what was the point… I used to look at other people and compare myself to them. But then I realized, wait a minute, I have hips and an ass that I’m never going to get rid of no matter how fit I am. It’s a part of me and I’m a part of it. So I decided from then on and forever after watching that infomercial for the 50th time that I was going to be that – the best I could be. It finally wasn’t for anyone else but for me to feel good about me.

And since I’ve started Insanity, I can ALREADY see results. I have biceps when I flex, my abs are starting to take form, and oh my gosh can you say quad muscles! It’s just the beginning and I’m only 2 in a half (ish) weeks into the 60-day program. After I do the 40-minute video I’m usually always laying in a pool of my own sweat and I’ve never felt better. The best part about it is that I’m doing this entirely for myself at my own pace in the comfort of my own home. When I say that it’s the best workout I’ve ever done; I’m not lying.

The method is interval circuit training with short 30 second breaks after sets of exercises where you do as many of the exercise as fast as you can. I’ve even forced my roommates to try it and they love the sweat they get after 20 minutes which tells you that you will lose fat and you will gain muscle. Another important part of starting a workout regimen is eating right.

For me I just have to remember two things:

1. Eat to live DON’T live to eat.

2. Eat for the body you want NOT the body you have. Luckily for me, I do have a knack for cooking which does make the process easier.

Anyways, I decided to add a protein shake to my diet to help my muscles recover and to keep my stomach from growling throughout the day. I purchased Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein from Campus Protein. They not only got it to me fast but also threw in a shaker!

I usually take one scoop, put it into a shaker bottle, and add milk for more taste. I take it immediately after my workout when the muscles need energy and protein to recover and build. And yum the vanilla ice cream is so good, I mean for a protein shake that is. So far, the protein shake regimen has helped with craving food, being hungry and overeating. I would recommend this particular protein because it has natural ingredients, doesn’t have fillers, and is only 120 calories per scoop! For me it was important for my body to have the fuel it needed to gain muscle and lose fat and after talking to a few friends (one from Campus Protein) this was the winner. It’s simple to use and you can even add it to yogurt or oatmeal and use it as a meal replacement. Remember, protein = recovery & muscle!

The moral of this story: if you want to feel amazing about yourself, exude confidence, and lose weight, its simple, all you need to do is pick a workout that is right for you and I highly recommend supplementing that workout with a product that suits you as well. For example, protein when doing any kind of strength training workout.

And my last word of advice: DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES. If you don’t start today the chances are you won’t start tomorrow and in a year from now you will wish you started then. So, get up and get fit if you want to be a better YOU from now until forever. If you can make this change you are capable of doing anything.

Thanks for hearing my story and I hope at least one person who reads this, will go out there and do something positive for their body!


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