The REAL, Next Best Thing

Who is ready for another test? Not one you find in school but the next big thing when it comes to the body building industry.

Let me give you a quick history lesson.

Back in the day, bodybuilding was about steroids. Shortly after it shifted to andro testosterone. Since then these have been taken off the market, however that did not stop the industry from researching and finding new testosterone (“test”) boosters . The next best supplement on the market was Tribulus and any other PCT (post cycle therapy) pill to promote a natural increase in testosterone. Many people looked at these PCTs and thought that they were placebos and didn’t really do anything. Since then people have been demanding 2 things. 1. Something that works and 2. Something that was proven.

Well, the supplement industry listened, understood that the current solution wasn’t ok, and did something about it. They found something that will change the game forever when it comes to test boosters…D-aspartic acid!

The problem with this industry? There is something new every day. And to top that off, every product that comes out is “the next big thing.” Like everyone else I shrug it off and say “yeah right, prove it!”
Turns out the government did just that and have been able to see some amazing results! (with the expense of some human and rat testing but thats a different story…)

A major study claims:

“Concerning the LH pattern, the results demonstrated that after 12 days of D-Asp treatment, 20 out of 23 (87%) participants had significantly increased concentrations of LH in their blood with respect to basal values (the value of LH found in the same subjects before starting treatment). Statistical analysis demonstrated that the value (mean ± SEM) of serum calculated for all the 23 subjects treated with D-Asp increased by 33.3%.”**(Link to this study is found below)

This is pretty amazing stuff, and only in 12 days? Other studies claim that there can be a 42% increase.

“A study dosed 3.12 grams of sodium-d-aspartate to adult males (27 to 37 yrs old) for 12 days resulting in a 42% increase in average testosterone levels”* The science claims that D-aspartic acid doesn’t just release more testosterone but in fact it creates more! Finally, a product that is actually great and can back it up vs. a great marketing scheme by a brand trying to promote a crappy product.

We now know that this non-essential amino acid can increase testosterone, but some reading this may ask, so what? An increase in testosterone or high levels of free testosterone aids in mood, manhood (you know what I am talking about), and most important, the building of muscle. It allows your body to signal to itself that it needs to add more muscle as well as aid with a faster recovery process.

If this is the next “big” thing in supplements, tell me when and where I can find this new and exciting test booster. The good news is when something this amazing gets discovered, everyone in the industry will come up with a version of their own. The top products that I found to be the best supplements with testosterone boosting D-aspartic acid in it are:

BSN Hyper Fx – it is a powerful creatine free pre workout that gives you the strength for your biggest lifts with the added benefit of D-aspartic acid.

Muscle Tech Ano Test- Great intra workout with the vital Branch Chain Amino Acids with the added bonus of D-aspartic Acid


Nutrex T-UP– the first D-aspartic acid test booster that hit the market almost two years ago. It has everything you want in liquid capsules that show gains in just 12 days!

When one decides to take a test booster, it can be for a number of reasons. It can be for the benefits I talked about above or for what they call a “genetic modifier.” All this intimidating name means is that people who are genetically smaller now have the opportunity to fight their genetics and become on the same playing feild as the body builder who can pack on muscle just from walking to class. In my personal experience, I tried tribulus, Pink Magic, and all sorts of other test boosters, but none affected me like D-aspartic acid. (and no Im not a mutant after trying so many thats a huge misconception and you’ll be ok as long as you take everything on a strict schedule)

You know its working when you are both lifting more than you ever have along with people telling you how much bigger you have gotten. This recognition along with my stats proves that this is going to be my supplement for a very long time and that is why I recommend all of you purchase a product with D-aspartic acid to change up your supplement routine!

Supplement Your Life.

-Mike from the CP Team


* D’Aniello A. D-Aspartic acid: an endogenous amino acid with an important neuroendocrine role. Brain Res Rev. 2007 Feb;53(2):215-34.



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