The Brauny Take: Cheat Days

Cheat Day.

2 words that simply mean so much to a health freak like me.

Just like anyone, I’m guilty of a cheat day here and there but not as much as I should. If you workout as much as I do, then I should be enjoying a cheat day per week. I consider a “cheat

day” to consist of any meal that I wouldn’t normally eat, like pizza, hamburger or Chinese food. All are fine in moderation but shouldn’t be abused if you want to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

A BIG part of my “cheat day” is alcohol. I coordinate my food schedule to allow myself to consume a lot of alcohol as my “cheat food”. But besides alcohol, if I’m going to “cheat” my lifestyle, then I’m going to cheat with something that has some kind of nutrition in it, like protein or something that’s beneficial. I NEVER eat candy, fried or buttered s#*t. There’s just nothing beneficial in any of those, so what’s the point? It’s a waste of calories and space in my stomach.

My last “cheat day” was my long weekend visit to my alma mater, Indiana University, for homecoming. It was such an amazing weekend and it was so great to see everyone. But it wasn’t a very fulfilling weekend in the sense that I didn’t go to the gym or eat healthy the entire weekend. From Thursday to Sunday, I was completely in a “cheat day” haze and was distracted by the booze and BBQ to even think about working out. It was well worth it though and I owed it to myself to take a little vacation away from the gym. I wanted to soak up IU and enjoy a nice college weekend with my brothers.

But it was great to get back to my normal routine the following week. Remember to always work hard during the week and take a well deserved “cheat day” when one presents itself. (Make sure it doesnt become a “cheat weekend!”)

And lastly remember to have a cheat meal that’s beneficial in some way. Gain some nutrients so all is not lost.

Cheat but be smart!

Eliminate the sugar. It’ll help. I’m pretty sure of that!

Well, that’s all…. until next week.

Peace out cheaters!

Thanks CP!


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