Brauny Take: My Supplements

 This week, I’m going to talk about supplements and vitamins.

 Which ones I take?

 Which are good to take?

 Which ones are full of s&#t?


 All will be answered in this take.

So let’s start with me. And let’s talk about which supplements and vitamins I take on a daily basis. I used to take whey more than I do now but supplements will always be apart of my workout routine. I hate when I get used to supplements so I like to take a break here and there for a few weeks and let my body rest.

I’m a big fan of pre-workouts. I’ve literally tried them all. You name it; odds are I’ve probably tried it (courtesy of Campus Protein). But as of now, on a daily basis, I wake up and take a multivitamin (Opti-Men by Optimum), which is one of my favorites. I like to switch between that and Centrum.That is my morning routine but when it comes to mid day, sometimes I have a  hydro-whey protein shake to satisfy my hunger as a snack or I have a protein bar if I don’t have time. I ONLY use Hydro-whey by Optimum. It is simply the best protein, and I tried them all. I started with a blend like myofusion but I wanted the leanest protein out there so I swtiched to Gold Standard. Then when Campus Protein offered Hydrowhey, it became my permanent protein. The chocolate tastes like heaven, especially when mixed with fruit! Personal favorite!

Recommendation: Throw some fruit, like berries or a banana, in the blender with some ice water and a few scoops of whey protein and I guarantee that you will love it! It’s a great meal replacement if you don’t have much time to eat or you need a quick pick-me-up.

Before I workout, I almost ALWAYS take a pre-workout. It’s just the only way to really get me going and give me that workout pump that we all love so much. Right now I’m taking Jacked 3D micro by USPlabs. It’s actually one of my favorites. It comes in a very small container, but don’t let that fool you. It’s extremely powerful and gives you a ton of energy. Consume 30 minutes before working out and I promise you will feel the bolt of energy. It has NO creatine. I’m not a huge fan of creatine because it really hurts my stomach so that is why Micro is best for me.

I then consume another hydro-whey protein shake. Always within one hour after my workout. Then before bed I usually pop 1-2 ZMA capsules. Through government research, taking ZMA before you go to bed promotes a better night sleep and increases natural testosterone. It’s a great way to recover and build your muscles.

So that’s usually my daily intake of supplements. I’ve cut down a lot recently because I wanted to give my body a little rest. Everybody is different but this is the Brauny take, this is what I take to keep my body in the best shape.

Most supplements are personal, I think. You could argue that each pre workout, for instance, are the same. Except for a few ingredients here and there, most pre workouts do the same but are different in regards of strength. Some may just have more caffeine and creatine than others, but when push comes to shove, they basically all have the same outcome. All you have to do is try several pre workouts and find which are the best for you. Thats why I love when CP delivers with all their free samples! I’d listen to Campus Protein for advice on supplements because they are extremely knowledgeable on the subject, myself included.

Well, that’s all for this week and see you next time!

Much love @CP



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